Every so often we like to hit the gay bar.

Town n Country, down in south Austin, is lodged in one of our former favorite dive bars: The Saloon. We’re not sure what happened to The Saloon, but it’s defunct and has been taken over by the good folks of Rainbow Cattle Company. They didn’t get too wild with the interior, cleaned it up a bit and put in some brighter light bulbs but that’s about it. The staff could not be nicer, the beer’s cold and cheap and the bar’s far enough off the beaten path to ensure that it won’t be overrun by the mobs that have taken over all of our old favorite haunts.

Gay? Head on down to Town n Country and check it out. Not gay? Head on down to Town n Country and check it out. Bi? We doubt they care whether or not you’re a waffler, but you might want to call first and give em a heads up that you’re rolling in confused.

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