Odd Duck Farm To Trailer’s rebirth is upon us. We’re coming up on a full year without the little trailer that helped spark the modern food truck renaissance in Austin and it’s been a tough row to hoe.

Yes, Barley Swine from Chef Bryce Gilmore is fine, but there was a certain magic to Odd Duck that did not make the trip down south Lamar when Gilmore opened up in the old Pie Slice location. We miss sitting in the gravel parking lot with a six pack of Lagunitas and the smell of sizzling pork belly wafting off the Odd Duck wood-fired grill.

Can the magic be replicated? After all the new Odd Duck is going to be a proper, indoors restaurant with waiters and all the trappings of any other “nice” cafe in Austin.

We expect full mob scenes when Gilmore swings his doors open at 1219 south Lamar; the exact same address as the original trailer. The restaurant will be part of Gibson Flats, a mixed-use, residential/retail conglomeration that is now in the initial stages of being built.

We wandered around the site for a few minutes before a man hollered at us to see what the Hell we were doing. We inquired as to what part of the development was to be Odd Duck and he indicated the area that is pictured.

Previous Odd Duck coverage: the obituary http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/12/10/Austin-Daily-Photo-Hillary-At-Odd-Duck-Farm-To-Trailer-In-Austin-Texas

Partners in the new Odd Duck: Bryce and Dylan Gilmore, Sam Hellman-Mass, Jason James, and Mark Buley.

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