New site feature. We spend a lot of time browsing the landscape of Austin, Texas food blogs, and there are plenty doing work that bears mentioning.

We sorted through the boring-ass, same ol same ol and garnered these gems: Ginny’s Austin ventures straight into our wheelhouse with a visit to Thai Thani, a stone’s throw from the Scrumptious Chef headquarters. She taps into “an unrealized infatuation with the flavors of Thailand” here

Maggie’s Farm takes a trip to East Austin and visits In.gredients, the quasi-zero waste grocery store where she was able to “procure everything” for her “Pumpkin Mixed Bean Cassoulet with Pork Belly”

South Austin Foodie rolled downtown and visited Lavaca Teppan-unimpressed

Austin’s Eater outlet has a map of Austin Craft Brewers for you, saying “knowledge and beer together really are power”

and Meghan Ruth Speakerman over at the Chronicle hits up Gemma Love’s food trailer in South Austin: “I swear the curried chicken smelled like grade-A cheeba” We didn’t think any Chronicle writers had smelled the stuff since that Moby Grape show back in ’71 but apparently we stand corrected

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