East Austin’s soul food scene took a hit recently with 11th Street Station’s closure. I went by for a quick fried catfish lunch and there was non-payment notice from the gas company on the door indicating their utility had been shut off.

Peering inside, a young gentleman behind the bar took his thumb and slowly dragged it across his throat.

A gesture worth a thousand words. 11th Street Station had a just-over 2 year run before going quietly into the night. I drove by last weekend and the street-side patio was packed with eaters. Maybe they knew the end was near and they were paying their final respects.

With Ms. B’s closure 2 years ago in the same location you have to start wonder about the viability of the space. Next door, Zandunga, one of the last places in Austin you could get a $9 bowl of guacamole recently shuttered as well.

The rest of the East 11th corridor is bustling with the Victory Grill, Longbranch Inn and 3 Little Pigs all doing big business from the minute they fling their doors open til close.

With Austin restaurant space at an absolute premium it will be interesting to see what new concepts open in 11th Street Station and Zandunga. Ramen? High dollar burgers? More barbecue? East Austin is starving and the right team could make a killing in this high traffic zone.

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