Hot news out of Austin Texas.

This past weekend we reported on an unnamed female motorist who burned 2am rubber on 6th street in the heart of Austin’s entertainment district provoking officer Robert Krummel to open fire.

She was not struck by any of the bullets. The mystery woman was facing numerous charges at the time she was apprehended but Austin Police Department has just announced that she will no longer be charged.

As the story goes; the driver, who officials have not named, was attempting to escape an angry mob when she floored the gas pedal and began hammering down 6th street as the bars were letting out for the evening.

She took out 2 pedestrians in her haste.

Police Chief Art Acevedo speaking on the officer’s actions “I don’t see any red flags at the onset”

Back in September, APD announced a new policy regarding police officer’s placing of themselves in the path of vehicles attempting to escape.

Officers are barred from behaving in this manner.

The 2 pedestrians are recovering.

updated: video of the crazy scene as it unfolded–no-charges-expected-for-sixth-street-driver-shot-at-by-officer

Read our initial article

and the Statesman’s piece by Claudia Grisales

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