Gone in Sixty Seconds.

An unnamed female driver peeled out in her Pontiac on 6th street in the wee hours of October 20th 2012 taking out 2 pedestrians and scattering a crowd of revelers before an Austin police officer opened fire on her vehicle bringing her evening to a grinding halt.

Austin police chief Art Acevedo, at an impromptu, street-side news conference, referred to San Jacinto street as San Jack.

Keeping it real in the white hot glare of media. Apparently, the unnamed officer was a member of the Apple Dumpling Gang as he managed to miss the errant driver in spite of firing several rounds into her vehicle.

One imagines she was doing her best Carrie Ann Moss impersonation inside the Pontiac.

“It’s amazing to me that no one else was seriously injured or killed, especially when you think about that time of night, on a Friday night, the amount of pedestrian traffic we have out here,” Acevedo said.

It’s the wild wild west on 6th street these days. We wrote about the homeless man Preston Joe Sharpnack who killed Austin architect Matt Casey here.

and we reflected on whether the former Pecan street has earned its sobriquet “Dirty 6th” here.

and we penned this piece on Robert Bradshaw the “6th street slasher” here.

There’s nothing new under the sun. This article could have been written in 1972. The timeless combination of alcohol, hormones and the youthful spirit of invincibility will always combine to make for interesting times.

If you perused the metro state section of any ten American newspapers this morning you could have read hair-raising tales of Friday night shenanigans from Sarasota to Boise.

Same as it’s always been.

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