Paul Qui’s slow, octopus-like takeover of Austin, Texas continues apace. With food truck sentries at Austin bars: The Grackle, Liberty Bar and Shangri-La, Qui has established a strong foothold on the East side of I-35.

So he went west.

Hole in the Wall has never been known for its food. We’ve seen Cajun food, barbecue, pizza, and southern food doled out of the kitchen by a number of entrepreneurs over the years, but other than a club sandwich somewhere around ’93, they made little impression.

The Hole’s angle has been more along the lines of see a decent band, get drunk, make out with a stranger then walk next door to Jack in the Box for sustenance-that kind of place.

Chef Qui’s about to change that.

A banner heralds Qui’s arrival “soon” in “2012” and there’s still plenty time left in the year for him to pull it off. This will be the first of 3 brick and mortars to be opened by the Top Chef Texas victor, and it’s the one closest to our house so we are gnashing our teeth with anticipation.

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