Another big week in Austin food.

We celebrated Southern Food Heritage Day, saw the rebirth of one of our all time favorite East Austin food trucks, reaffirmed our faith in flour tortillas and celebrated the one year birthday of a south Austin barbecue trailer.

With exactly zero dollars spent on advertising {we pour all our available funds into eating} we’ve somehow managed to find an audience in Austin. Now let’s get down to the brass tacks. Our weekly top 5 Austin, Texas food stories. Real quick-we’re throwing a Cajun food pop up event this Sunday y’all

Now, onto the top 5

There’s something about murder and cocaine that y’all find irresistible

Southern food and Texas food are one and the same right? Wrong.

We’re always on the hunt. We found the best flour tortillas in Austin

Snapshot. Paul Qui’s new joint–Moto-Utsunomiya-Run-ItPeelanderZ-Painted-It–Christian-Remde-Filmed-It?adminview=true

Local blogger remains unindicted

bonus: John Mueller BBQ at the 1 year mark

and last week’s top 5

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