We’re in the middle of a full fledged Texas craft beer renaissance. It’s hard to believe that it’s been twenty years since Pierre Celis set up shop in Austin and ignited an interest in fine beer that’s still spreading like wildfire across the region.

Central Texas is now home to a dazzling array of breweries putting out some of the best beer in the entire USA. Real Ale, Live Oak and 512 Brewing could set up shop in Oregon, Colorado or Pennsylvania and earn a good living. And there are a dozen or so fledgling beer makers in the Austin region nipping at their heels. These are interesting times for Texas beer connoisseurs.

Great American Beer Fest just concluded up in Denver, here are some of the Texas beers that medalled.

Gold: Uncle Billy’s {Austin} Bottle Rocket, kellerbier category

Gold: Peticolas Brewing {Dallas} Royal Scandal, classic English-style pale ale category

Silver: Real Ale {Blanco} Firemans #4, blonde ale category

Silver: Real Ale {Blanco} Hans’ Pils, German-style Pilsener category

Silver: Rahr & Sons {Fort Worth} Iron Thistle, Scotch ale category

Bronze – Humperdinks Restaurant and Brewery {Dallas} Uberbrau, American-style amber lager category

On the near horizon look out for Brian Peters {Live Oak, Uncle Billy’s} and Amos Lowe to have their new brewery up and running around the turn of the year. Steve Anderson {Live Oak} moved out to West Texas to open up Big Bend Brewing, we’re already planning a roadtrip out that way to see that outfit’s production and Christine Celis, the daughter of local brewer Pierre Celis, is back in town with her daddy’s marque and should be in production sometime in the next few months.

These are exciting times to be a beer lover in Central Texas.

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