From CBS Radio website: “Update October 12, 2012 – Captain Scott Jurk, a Texas Parks and Wildlife game warden, says, “Texas Parks and Wildlife will not be pursuing any charges against Ryan Adams in this case.”

We’ve been reading Austin blogger Ryan Adam’s Nose To Tail At Home food blog for awhile now. It popped up in our newsfeed due to Adam’s allegiance to the offal cooking of Fergus Henderson, head chef at St. John in Smithfield, London.

Adams is attempting to cook his way through “The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating” a landmark work in the field of consuming an animal in its entirety: balls, brains, spleen, kidney’s, liver, tongue etc. The blog’s a good one with Adam’s tackling pork belly, pig tails, lamb, and trotters among other animal bits. If food photography’s your thing, there are lots and lots of pictures taken during the cooking process.

Enter the picture Joe Gomez, of Dallas’ CBS radio division. Gomez wondered what kind of hot water he could get Adams in after reading a post on the Nose To Tail blog wherein Adams cooked a dove that had committed suicide by flying into a window at Adam’s home.

Addie Broyles over at the Statesman reported this morning that Gomez contacted Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to see if he could stir up a shitstorm for Mr. Adams. Eating wildlife is permissible in Texas but there are numerous rules that must be followed so that the creatures are protected from unlawful dining {see dwindling deer populations in Lakeway Texas.}

An investigation of one man eating a dead bird found in his yard is now underway.

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