The 900lb gorilla of Austin’s dinner and a movie scene; Alamo Drafthouse, has a new and formidable opponent. Galaxie Moviehouse and Eatery is preparing to open in Northwest Austin.

Galaxy Moviehouse and Eatery is a partnership between Galaxy Theaters and Trails Cinema Partners. They’re building a palace of a theater with eleven screens, reclining lounge style seats, waitrons, full service kitchen and bar, concessions, and D-Box seating. We have no idea what D-box seating is. One of the rooms is a theater with a three-story screen and Dolby 7.1 surround sound. We can’t get on the internet these days without reading tales of opulence being woven by Tilted Chair Creative, the ad agency that landed the publicity contract.

The cinema is set to launch on Friday November 9th.

There’s not a Drafthouse for a good ten miles so these guys may be able to make a go of it. It’ll be interesting to see if they book any non-Hollywood actioners or if they’ll stay with the suburbs formula that most x-urb movie houses book.

Here’s a hotlink to their website

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