The list is short. Superb, San Antonio-level flour tortillas are hard to come by in Austin. You’ve got Don Marcelino, La Reyna and Taco Joint bringing hard charges toward the top of the scrum while a handful of other taqueras around town wield their rolling pins as they flail backwards down the rankings. But Rosie at Taco Joint is the only maestra that could set up shop in South San Antonio and still bring home the bacon for her papi.

And she knows what she’s got too. I wanted a few for my fridge for the mornings I make my breakfast tacos at the house and she coyly informed me they go for .36c apiece. An outrage to be sure but this is what happens when you’re good and you know it.

Regrettably Taco Joint is still a “bring your own salsa” house. They make a few but none is noteworthy. I always spirit a couple ramekins of the good stuff in my backpack before I visit Rosie. When she was standing at the crossroads and the deal was going down Old Scratch granted her supreme skills with manteca, flour and a dowel but he turned his nose up when she tried to get salsa making as part of the bargain.

pic of the lovely Rosie

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