It’s chili season y’all. My mom reminded me of the fact when she was breaking down the supper she made last night for the family. Her chili is delicious but she’d be escorted to the Texas border quick if she tried to pull a stunt like that in the Great State. Ground beef, tomatoes and red kidneys are her prime ingredients. It’s also a thin, soup-like chili. A couple times a year I run by El Milagro and buy her a dozen packets of their premium, pure chili powders. They have the housewife, all in one, blends but I like to buy the 100% Guajillo{dried Marisol}, Ancho {dried Poblano}, Pasilla{dried chilaca} etc and then mix and match with other seasonings. I make a kettle of Texas Red a few times a year and it’s easily my favorite style chili of all time but I also love to get out in the Autumn sunshine and stroll about amongst strangers at Texas chili festivals. Here are a few coming up in the Austin area:

Sat Oct 6th in Blanco Texas at Yett Park. 9am. Ladies State Chili Championship. Info

Sat Oct. 6th in Helotes Texas in Downtown. 9am. Chili Appreciation Society International. Info Sharon Pinnell 210.240.5483

Sat Oct. 6th in Manchaca Texas at Giddy Ups Saloon. 10 am. Chili Appreciation Society International rules. Info t John Caffey 512-760-5274

Sat Oct. 13th in Lockhart Texas at Cedar Hall 11am. Central Texas Tolbert Chili Group. Info

Sat Oct 13th in Smithville Texas at Chilirado Riverbend Park, 107 Hwy 71 East, Smithville TX 78957 SOT Pod Cookoff. 10 am. Info Wanda Schopp 512-480-9074

I cherry picked the ones closest to Austin and I also chose them based on how much I liked the town that they’re being held in. Giddy Ups is a sweet, old school honky tonk just a few minutes from downtown Austin. It’s a step back in time and you will not meet friendlier people than the regulars who hang out there.

Now get out there and eat some Texas chili and tell us what you thought about it. Or run to the grocery store and knock out your own batch of Texas Red utilizing the recipe at the beginning of the article.

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