Another big week. Our work was featured on the BBQ Brethren website as well as Huffington Post and that created a huge uptick in numbers of visitors and page views. It’s almost impossible for a new post to skyrocket past 1500 plus articles to get in the top 10 but that’s what’s about to happen. We took our lives in our hands and risked life and limb to visit John Mueller Barbecue during his media blackout weekend. Street fighting man Mueller drew a line in the sand on Twitter on Friday vowing that any writers/bloggers who showed up at his food trailer would be escorted off the property.

We still went link {by the way,after only 12 days on the site this post rocketed past 1500+articles to crack our all time top 10}

It always makes us proud when one of our recipe articles gets big traffic. Of course all Texans grew up eating taco meat so we figured our standby quick recipe for the classic would draw some attention link

When we author a fresh entry in our Best Hamburger In Austin series y’all inevitably start wildly salivating link

Gastronomic society meeting. Tale of the tape link

Food porn alert: Texas housewives edition link

last week’s top 5 link

Thanks for putting up with us y’all. We’re hosting another pop up restaurant soon and will keep you abreast as it draws nearer. Hashtag will be #cajunpopup and we’ll be featuring plenty meat from the best smokehouses of Acadiana as well as a special surprise pop up within the pop up from one of Austin’s best dessert makers.

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