Too late.

By the time the barista had handed me my morning cup it was too late. I was all in on a cup of Starbucks coffee. A “pleasure” I’d not known in well over a decade.

I first discovered “good” coffee back in the 90s. By good I mean beans that had been roasted locally and dispensed via a La Marzocco espresso machine by a barista who’d actually been trained to operate the infernal device. I never looked back on those old cups of Sanka or Folgers served up by granny women in support hose at places like the Waysider in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Back then I loved a dark roasted coffee simply due to the fact it was brand new to me. As time passed I began gravitating to a lighter roast cause that’s where you’re going to get the big caffeine boost. The longer you roast, the more caffeine you remove from the bean/seed.

As to my morning cup at Java Jive/Starbucks? I felt like I’d plunged my head inside a bag of Kingsford Charcoal briquettes and started making out with the lumps of charcoal therein. It was gross. That old overly roasted flavor that my adolescent palate loved is now the embrace of a lover I’ve grown distant from.

Who drinks Starbucks coffee? Apparently plenty people, as they’re all over Austin, a city filled with glorious mom n pop coffee shops.

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