I just returned from the Carver Theater where I saw the premiere of “East Side Food Stories” a documentary with Directors Charles Easley, Kayla Holman, and Isaiah Stewart in attendance.

They’re high school kids but you’d never know it. The film is a fine one and In.gredients has a role in the documentary. The kids visit the market then ruminate on the role that this nouveau grocer is playing in historically Black and Latino East Austin. It’s a fascinating film and the young directors exhibit wisdom well beyond their years.

There are plenty reasons to visit In.gredients but they haven’t managed to uproot Fiesta as my favorite East Side grocer. Not by a long shot. But…when I’m in the mood for a cheap cup of coffee, a pint of beer or some bulk oats or grits I’ll run by there to cure whatever’s ailing me. The staff couldn’t be nicer and I know the business is an earnest endeavor.

And I don’t see Fiesta Mart putting in any beer taps anytime soon.

The screening of “East Side Food Stories” was part of Food For Black Thought, a symposium at the Carver Theater. Link to their website http://www.utexas.edu/cola/centers/caaas/events/24115

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