Austin’s running out of places to get a $9 bowl of guacamole. Carlos Santana’s joint down on Colorado, along with Zandunga on the East Side, led the charge on putting the pedal to the metal on avocado pricing. Avarice is a funny thing.

They’re both shuttered. Meanwhile, El Zunzal continues doing business the right way. They’ve put out the best guacamole appetizer in Austin for a decade or so. It’s $2 and they don’t skin the fruit til you place your order.

We never made it by Maria Maria. After realizing they were charging Four Seasons pricing for enchiladas and tacos we figured why the fuck bother? If we’re going high dollar we’ll do it on the banks of Lady Bird Lake with the best service staff in Austin attending to our whims and wants.

Not in a room that was most famous for “upscale hip hop” night in the not too distant past.

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