Perched on the edge of the Hill Country in Liberty Hill, Texas {my map feature demanded I type in Georgetown, the bar is actually 12 miles west of the city} Tombstone Texas Bar and Grill is a palace of a bar with future plans toward becoming a music venue accommodating almost 4k people.

The interior is pure Texana with exposed wood and natural rock being the primary features. They could open this establishment in downtown Austin and it would be one of the nicest bars in the city. Apparently the owners have some deep pockets as the build-out is one of the finest I’ve seen anywhere. I spoke briefly with the owner {they weren’t open at the time but are now} and she mentioned a lot of big plans for the facility including a fine dining restaurant in a house adjacent to the bar as well as the aforementioned outdoor music venue where they plan on bringing in plenty big name acts.

With Austin’s northwest migration continuing apace, the citizens of Seward Junction, Liberty Hill, Jonestown, Cedar Park and Leander now have a downright fancy place to sit back and drink a cold pint of beer after the long drive from downtown. And it’s a long one. With the hammer down it took about 35 minutes to get out there and that was in the morning, contra-flow, with zero traffic.

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