A nice plump King Ranch Casserole adorned with plenty rajas, stuffed with corn tortillas and roasted chicken and bound together with heavy cream and mountains of shredded cheese. It’s the Texas housewife classic and is one of the Great State’s primary contributions to American cuisine.

We break down the legend:

The Rules of King Ranch Casserole, if you can’t follow the rules don’t tackle the formula.

and once you’ve memorized the rules and signed all documents promising to obey them, you’re ready to tackle the recipe

No shortcuts on this recipe either.

We don’t go in for opening up a few cans of soup and dumping them in a baking dish and calling it a day {although truth be told, we’ve had some very good King Ranches that were done in this fashion}

Casserole season is upon us y’all. Please report back with tales of your casserole cookery as Autumn progresses.

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