We attended a media party for the Texas Craft Brewers Festival a couple weeks ago at Red’s Porch down in South Austin. It was a fruitful gathering of drunks, beer lovers, beer bitches, beer journalists, craft brewers and the occasional outsider who managed to get past security into our cordoned off wonderland of free beer and bar snacks. Red’s Porch is lovely. We’d been hearing about it forever but since our visits down deep South Lamar are infrequent we had yet to make it by. That is til we got word we’d be accorded some free beer and simultaneously be removed from the hoi polloi who frequent bars these days in our beloved Austin.

We would not miss the Texas Craft Brewers Festival for the world. It’s always one of Austin’s best parties as the organizers manage to actually make sure you get some beer in you during the course of the affair. We about gave up on going to beer festivals due to the hassle of the lines, the baking-down sun and the insistence of people on bringing toddlers to grown-up parties.

This party is 21+ y’all.

Oh yeah. Please leave ol Joe Willie at the house too. My recommendation of bolting on shock collars to attendee’s dogs was unwarranted as dogs are barred from the premises. No kids. No dogs. Wisdom is the order of the day at this party.

Thirty or so Texas craft brewers will be featured at the party. All the usual suspects: Live Oak, Real Ale etc but here are the underdogs we’re excited to see at the party:

Southern Star out of Conroe

Twisted X out of Cedar Park

Adelbert’s out of Austin


Wicked Beaver out of Wolfforth

Visit the website of the event for all pertinent details http://www.texascraftbrewersfestival.org/

Pictured: Caroline and Shaun of Bitch Beer who we met at the Texas Craft Brewers Festival media party. More on these beer loving gals right this way http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2012/9/14/Austin-Daily-Photo-Caroline-And-Shaun-Of-Bitch-Beer



Live Oak Brewing Company

** SPECIAL TAP @ 12:00 pm **

Oaktoberfest – 100% Organic Lapsang Souchong China Black Tea-infused

Tea-Infused Marzen ( ABV | IBU )

Rogness Brewing Company

** SPECIAL TAP @ 12:30 pm **

Rattler – Dry-hopped Cask

Pale Ale ( ABV 5.5% | IBU 45 )

Rahr & Sons Brewing

** SPECIAL TAP @ 1:00 pm **

The Regulator Doppelbock – Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon Barrel-aged

Bourbon Barrel-aged German-style Doppelbock ( ABV 9.5% | IBU 30 )

Adelbert’s Brewery

** SPECIAL TAP @ 1:30 pm **

Naked Nun – Fermented on Fredericksburg Peaches

Belgian-style Wheat Ale (Wit), Fruit-infused ( ABV 5.8% | IBU )

Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling

** SPECIAL TAP @ 2:30 pm **

Small Batch Series No. 3 – Cask

English-style Barleywine ( ABV | IBU )

Austin Beerworks

** SPECIAL TAP @ 3:00 pm **

Battle Axe

Imperial Red Ale ( ABV | IBU )

Saint Arnold Brewing Company

** SPECIAL TAP @ 3:30 pm **

Weedwacker – Dry-hopped with Centennial Cask

German-style Wheat (Hefeweizen) ( ABV 4.9% | IBU 15 )

Real Ale Brewing Company

** SPECIAL TAP @ 4:00 pm **

Scots Gone Wild

Barrel-aged Sour ( ABV 9.7% | IBU 27 )

(512) Brewing Company

** SPECIAL TAP @ 4:30 pm **

(512) IPA – Cask

IPA ( ABV | IBU 65 )

Independence Brewing Company

** SPECIAL TAP @ 5:00 pm **

Bootlegger Brown – Cask with Coffee

Coffee-Infused Brown Ale ( ABV | IBU )

Jester King Craft Brewery

** SPECIAL TAP @ 5:30 pm **

Commercial Suicide – Cask

English Mild aged with white oak ( ABV 3.5% | IBU 16 )

Southern Star Brewing Company

** SPECIAL TAP @ 6:00 pm **

Pro-Am – Dry-hopped

Double IPA ( ABV | IBU )

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