Brand new food trailer on Manor Road directly across from Hoover’s Home Cooking. As is my custom, I visited when they were closed. A man had crawled up underneath the trailer and was repairing something so I stuck my head underneath to badger a few details out of him. The chef served some time at Thai Kitchen, the mystifyingly popular restaurant on Guadalupe. We’re not going to hold that against her though. Maybe now that she has her own joint she’ll blossom and shake off the dull, flavorless ennui that’s the trademark of her former employer.

For the past fifteen years we’ve been slaves to Surin at Little Thailand, but we don’t always have time to drive 15 miles to Garfield for our Yom Nua fix.

Where are y’all going in Austin-proper to eat Thai food? And please refrain from recommending Titaya’s as we’ve never been impressed with their output. Yes, they’re packed night in and night out but their food lacks that gustatory punch that we look for when seeking the best Thai.


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