Local writer Alan Sudo is reporting that Arkie’s Grill has permanently shuttered. A “closed for remodeling” sign went up a few weeks ago and apparently this was just a ruse as the property has changed hands.

Sudo goes on to mention that the folks behind East Side Showroom and Hillside Farmacy are the force behind the restaurant coming to the space.

Back in the winter of last year Arkie’s briefly entered the barbecue business. They installed a smoker, bought a cord of hickory wood and took a crack at drawing in some brisket money. They shouldn’t have bothered. We ran by for a smoked meat lunch and found little noteworthy about the new venture. We did love Arkie’s however. Its proximity to the airport meant many breakfasts were taken there prior to hopping on a plane and hitting the wild blue yonder. Of course we always brought a nice fat pat of cow’s butter with us as they only proffered that weird yellow salve that cut-rate restaurants the world over favor.

The industrial zone that surrounds Arkie’s could be big business for the right concept. Open up at 5:30 in the morning and start baking off big pans of buttermilk biscuits, pat out some sausage patties and commence to flipping eggs and pouring coffee for the angle-iron set.

We have a bad feeling that this won’t be the thrust of the endeavor however. We expect that craft cocktails, lamb neck fricassee and foraged greens will be a lot more likely to be on the menu than trencherman’s plate lunches at rock bottom prices.

So goes the new Austin.

Mr Sudo brooks no nonsense from the Scrumptious crew

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