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Ran by John Mueller Barbecue this morning to grab a link of hot guts for breakfast and damn near went apoplectic. John Lewis, former pit boss at Franklin Barbecue and national competition bbq cook has joined forces with the fiery Taylor, Texas native.

Unbelievable. There is no historical comparison to draw on that even comes close to this earth shaker. Imagine if Wilt Chamberlain, at the peak of his powers, had migrated from the 76ers to join forces with Bill Russell’s Celtics. It’s the only analogy I can draw.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

Will notorious control freak Mueller be willing to allow the young pit boss to actually lend a hand in the smoking of the meat? It’s doubtful. While Lewis’ prowess is undisputed, Franklin {where he manned the pits} is regularly mentioned in the national conversation as to being the finest smokehouse in USA-I don’t see the hot headed Mueller being willing to accede control of the firebox to Lewis.


For now, John Lewis will probably have to content himself with being on the block; slicing and weighing meat and apprenticing at the hottest smokehouse in Texas. He’s still got competitions pending this Fall too, so his presence will probably be sporadic.

What can Lewis learn from Mueller?

Plenty. With nearly 4 decades in the game, Mueller, if he can control his temper, could be an excellent mentor to Lewis. JMueller BBQ is still the only joint in town that’s hand-stuffing its hot guts sausage. While the tradition continues apace in nearby Taylor and Lockhart, Austin pit bosses are still bringing in pre-fab sausages from local vendors.

That alone would give a major boost in bona-fides to Lewis when he opens his own place.

And can you imagine if he did so in Austin?

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another picture of the 2 from the same shoot

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