The puritans have not made their way to Henderson’s Family Restaurant in Killeen, Texas. A thick haze of tobacco smoke hangs in the air, blending with the aroma of coffee and frying bacon. Little old granny women are sipping on cracked porcelain mugs with Pall Malls hanging off their lips while scanning the Killeen Daily Herald.

It’s a fine scene.

I’m passing through town and as is my custom have vectored in on a spot that looks likely to have biscuits, gravy and fried eggs. They do.

I get honey-lambed by the waitress and sugar dumpling-ed by the cashier when I pay and prepare to leave. Henderson’s Family Restaurant will not make you forget that diner in Alabama or North Carolina that put out the best blue plate breakfast you ever had in your life but as a traveling meal it will suit just fine.

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