Out in Voca, Texas {pop.50} Alphonse Dotson holds sway over 29 acres of prime Texas wine growing real estate at his Certenburg Vineyard near the bustling community of Brady.

The former Oakland Raider and resident of Mexico is putting out some of the best wines in the Great State with a Gotas de Oro Muscat Canelli being particularly delicious.

Back when Dotson played pro ball the rules were a mite different. He likened the NFL in those days to being “an organized street fight.” Nowadays, his life is slightly more genteel as his vineyard has gained him international recognition for producing superior grapes. Passing around a bottle of Dotson’s Muscat on a 103 degree day in Richard’s Park in Brady recently the old winemaker shared tales of his travels through Mexico, South America and Africa. After more than a decade of Mexico living, the former Oakland Raider packed up his family and headed north to the Lonestar State.

He never looked back.

As a novice grape grower in 1997 when he got started, he had no way of knowing that a mere 3 years later he would be producing over a hundred tons of fruit. That’s how legends get made.

The boom and bust nature of Texas living has not spared the Grambling University grad however. Historic droughts have dramatically shrank his production during some years but Dotson’s plenty optimistic. He’s in it for the long haul and is hoping to increase the acreage of active crop growing land soon. He’s got room to do it as he owns 83 acres.

We talk about everything under the sun as we plow through pound after pound of barbecued goat. Dotson is particularly proud of being named to Grambling’s Hall of Fame where he was inducted earlier this summer.

Here’s a link to a list of places where you can buy Dotson Cervantes Wines



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