all the details on our Sat Jan 12 2013 Wild Foods Of Texas Pop Up Restaurant At Tamale House East

We attribute it to the power of queso.

This humble, cheese-based dip must have played a large part in the success of our most recent pop up, which took place yesterday in a pounding rainstorm at Three Little Pigs/East End Wines. We arose at dawn on Sunday morning to put the finishing touches on the menu, transport the food from the commissary to the food truck and get everything looking good for the party. Ten minutes before service, the skies opened up. Yet still the Tex Mex lovers of Austin came. It was gratifying to carefully Saran wrap large styrofoam platters groaning under the weight of San Antonio Chili, Handmade Tamales, Scratch Tortillas and Chorizo to feed our Anorak-clad, umbrella-wearing crowd of eaters. It took us 7 hours to sell out instead of 2 but as we’ve said before; we’re in it for the long haul.

While we blasted Doug Sahm from the trailer, everybody hunkered down under the Three Little Pigs food tent, appropriately stationed right next to the infamous Willie Nelson-smoker. The pop up could’ve been a disaster and we all would’ve been hustling tricks at 12th and Chicon to regain solvency, but the power of queso is not to be denied.

Thanks for all the feedback on the menu y’all. Apparently the time spent over the grinder-extruder was a good investment as the chorizo garnered the strongest of the impromptu reviews we gathered from the crowd. It was easily the most labor intensive of all the dishes so we were gratified to hear it.

One particularly determined couple walked up to the order window and announced they were running the table then handed an enormous cooler through the window. This is our favorite way to eat when we go to a food trailer too. Getting one of everything really lets you get the lay of the land and see the breadth and scope of the kitchen’s abilities.

With barbecue, soul food and Tex Mex parties under our belt, we next turn our attention to the glorious foods of rural Louisiana. Stay tuned while we develop the menu and strategize on the best date for the #cajunpopup.

Pop up info from our archive:

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