Brand new pop up this Sunday October 21st 2012

The best part of the Scrumptious Chef Pop Up series we started over the summer is the run up. We sit on the front porch with legal pads and cold beers and start volleying menu ideas back and forth til we hammer out our entree’s, apps, side dishes, and plan of attack once we hit the commissary kitchen.

We always blast genre-appropriate music to fuel us on our journey. Since Tex Mex is the theme for this event we pulled out a couple dozen Doug Sahm LPs to spur us on to greater heights. He was the greatest live performer we ever saw and if his name is so much as mentioned, we immediately remove our cowboy hats and observe a moment of silence out of respect for this Texas lion. Should you come out on Sunday for our Diez y Seis party here are some foods we’ll be preparing:

* Pork tamales

* Tostadas

* Tacos

* Salsa Fresca w/ fresh fried totopos {Free, cause it’s the Texas birthright to eat free chips and salsa when you enter a genuine Mexican restaurant. If a restaurant charges for this dish exercise your rights as a Texan and turn around and walk right out the door volleying curses at the charlatans running the place}

* Enchiladas

* Refried beans

* Homemade tortillas

* Spanish Rice

* Pumpkin flan

* Guacamole

* San Antonio Chili, 1890’s-style

* Chile con queso

* Handmade chorizo

* Hatch chile soup {not traditional but harvest is winding down}

* Hatch chile mac n cheese {atypical but delicious}

Mouth watering yet?

It’ll take about 20 hours of raw labor to knock this menu out. That’s why our pop ups are infrequent. Come Monday we’ll all be stretched out, nearly comatose, but this weekend we’re celebrating our good lives in Austin, Texas and would love for y’all to come out and break bread with us.

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