Brand new pop up this Sunday October 21st 2012

While the pop up restaurant phenomenon is huge in cities like New York, Chicago and New Orleans, Austin Texas is still in its infancy. We predict this will change over the course of the next year. Way back in 2010 Ben Runkle and his Salt and Time Charcuterie crew threw the first pop up we ever attended at the historic Victory Grill {} and we figured that event would usher in the rise of the concept.

We were wrong. But now the 900lb gorilla of Austin’s food and beverage scene is getting in on the action. The Alamo Drafthouse is hosting their first pop up event at Midnight Cowboy, the former brothel {lair of Austin’s infamous call girl “Diamond Pussy”} on 6th street.


2 seatings {7 and 9:30 pm} Monday, September 17 2012

24 guests at each seating

6 course tasting menu with each course paired with a cocktail

Food by Chef Jason Donoho

Drinks by Bill Norris and Brian Dressel

Cost $80


Prior to this pop up the Scrumptious Chef crew will be doing one as well.

Event: Scrumptious Chef Tex Mex Pop Up

Place: Three Little Pigs/East End Wines

Time: 11am

Date: Sunday September 16th 2012

In the pop up grocery store category we have Rabbit Food Grocery. They show up at a variety of venues in Austin to sell rare, exotic vegan groceries that Whole Foods, Central Market and Wheatsville don’t offer. Visit them here

Are you doing pop up restaurants or grocery stores in Austin, Texas? Let us know here and we’ll gladly publicize it for you.

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