Brand new pop up this Sunday October 21st 2012

We can’t leave the house without being peppered with “When’s the next pop up?” The hue and cry grew so loud and insistent that we’ve answered the call.


Event: Scrumptious Chef Tex Mex Pop Up

Place: Three Little Pigs/East End Wines

Time: 11am

Date: Sunday September 16th 2012

We’ll be hitting the commissary kitchen later in the week for a series of massive prep shifts in order to feed the crowd. We’ve bumped up the start time to 11am due to having to turn away carloads of people at the previous pop ups. Lots of folks like to get an early lunch in before kicking into full Sunday Funday mode.

Expect lots of Doug Sahm blasting out of a vintage boombox sitting on a tree stump near the food trailer.

And we’re recruiting one of the top talents in Austin to join the Scrumptious cooking team. Hope to have a big announcement later in the week when we release the menu.

Thanks for making these infrequent parties such a success y’all. We appreciate you. Oh, we got messaged via Twitter last night asking if there will be vegetarian food available. Yes, we can’t go vegan due to the heavy amounts of cheese in our Tex Mex platters but we will definitely be able to put together a nice vegetarian plate for whoever’s interested.

Go behind the scenes at a Scrumptious Chef pop up

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