As pre-teens, my colleagues and I belonged to several different factions, warring camps if you will, when it came to our favorite breakfast cereal. King Vitaman had it’s adherents, Cookie Crisp its acolytes and Sugar Bear its disciples, but none brought out the impassioned oratory as passionately as did Fruit Brute.

I championed this cereal.

Something about that cartoon werewolf really brought out the Abe Lincoln in me when the debate started over which of the cereals was the finest. I’d kill to still have my glow in the dark light switch cover featuring the smiling lycanthrope. A bowl of Fruit Brute, a thick stack of Roman Meal toast slathered with butter and Defenders of the Earth on the Magnavox TV made for some very fine Saturday mornings.

What was your favorite cereal when you were a kid?

What cartoon did you watch while you ate a mammoth bowl of it?

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