Details are trickling in as New York City carnists recover from a protein overload courtesy of Josh Ozersky’s Meatopia event yesterday.

Congratulations to Aaron Franklin who was crowned Grand Champion of the affair. He bested a murderers row of some of the top talent in the country.

Under threatening skies, the meat lover nation united under de facto ruler Josh Ozersky as dozens of the top chefs in USA manned big fires and cranked out thousands of pounds of animal flesh cooked over open flames on Randall’s Island in New York City.

Then the rain came. Even during the peak of the downpour the line for Aaron Franklin’s barbecue stood fast. Reports from the event indicate that the Austin pitboss held the throng by the short hairs for the duration of the party. One can imagine the sense of despair felt by the dozens of other chefs who were consigned to feeding the leftover eaters who couldn’t bear Franklins massive line.

“Iron Chef” Marc Forgione’s rib steaks with bone-marrow butter growing cold while the chef drums his fingers on a table and waits for Franklin to run out of meat? Cruel scene but one that plays out all over Austin on a daily basis. We were sitting at Sam’s Barbecue one day when a big gang of eaters came in and announced that they were sick of the line at Franklin. Pit boss Brian Mays wasn’t exactly happy but he set about carving up the barbecue and ringing the group up as best he could.

Franklin pic courtesy of the fine folks at hit the link to read a great first hand write up of the party.

Heads up y’all. We’re hosting another pop up restaurant this Sunday September 16th at ll am at 3 Little Pigs/East End Wines details

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