Bastrop is one of the most scenic towns in all of Texas. There’s a lovely opera house, an historic downtown area, a thriving American Legion post that is also a live music venue, a riverwalk along the Colorado, a museum stuffed to the rafters with historic artifacts and numerous parks where one can camp, fish, swim or just relax under the starry Texas skies. But those skies are growing darker by the minute as Dickies Barbecue Restaurants Inc. has recently set up shop in the city. Expect their corporate take on Texas barbecue to rain from the skies via a free pulled pork sandwich promotion lifted straight out of Dante’s Inferno.

Franchise owner Kress Childs “We’re excited to be bringing authentic pit smoked BBQ to Bastrop which is one of the fastest growing communities in Texas.”

Yeah, if by authentic you mean issuing forth from a smoker plugged into an electrical outlet in the backroom then sure, it’s authentic. If you mean authentic as in a leathery faced old pit boss sitting on a 3 legged stool a couple feet from a roaring oak wood fired barbecue pit-then no, it’s probably not that authentic.

Depends on your metric I reckon.

See a free pork sandwich in your immediate future? Then hit the brand new Dickey’s down in Bastrop on Thu Sept 6th 2012. If you’re one of the first one hundred people to walk through the doors then you can sample the wares of the biggest barbecue conglomerate in the USA.

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