Update: The Daniel Vaughn/Aaron Franklin connection paid off as Meat Fight is SOLD OUT.


Multiple Schlerosis has a new and formidable foe. Alice Laussade, The Dallas Observer’s “Cheap Bastard” food columnist, is organizing a barbecue battle featuring area pit bosses who will be competing against one another with proceeds going to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The competition has been dubbed Meat Fight.

Battlers: Jeff Bekavac, Neighborhood Services;

Randall Copeland, Restaurant AVA

Tiffany Derry, Private Social

Omar Flores, Driftwood

Eric Hansen, Cane Rosso

Jeffery C. Hobbs, Sissy’s Southern Kitchen

Chad Houser, Café Momentum

Jeana Johnson, Good 2 Go Taco

Brian C. Luscher, The Grape Restaurant

Matt McCallister, FT33

Jack Perkins, Maple & Motor

Cody Sharp, unaffiliated


Celebrity Judges:

Tim Byres, Smoke

Will Fleischman, Lockhart Smokehouse

Justin Fourton, Pecan Lodge

Aaron Franklin, Franklin BBQ

Stephen Joseph, Riverport BBQ

Nick Pencis, Stanley’s Famous Pit BBQ

Daniel Vaughn, the “BBQ Snob”

Place: Sons of Hermann Hall in Deep Ellum

Date: Sunday, Nov. 4 2012

Time: 2-6 pm

Cost: $50

We reckon that if Aaron Franklin had been competing instead of judging they could have just called the whole thing off and given him the championship trophy; so it’s probably for the best he’s sitting this one out.

The other pit bosses would’ve just ran shrieking in terror as soon as they saw Franklin wheeling into the parking lot with his rig.

Decorum is always important at this sort of affair.

Tickets go on sale Friday September 14th 2012 http://www.meatfight.com/

Like Texas barbecue? Further coverage http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/Barbecue

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