It was a hundred and three degrees in the shade out in Brady, Texas Labor Day weekend as thousands of cabrito lovers gathered in the garden spot of McCulloch County; Richards Park.

Barbecue cook-off teams from all over the country competed in the 39th Annual World Championship BBQ Goat Cook-Off as thousands of people ate smoked meat, drank beer and socialized at the best barbecue party held all year long in the great state.

It was a typically wild affair. Tarzan yells rang out as judging began and shortly thereafter cries for a medic erupted as one poor attendee found the heady combination of cold beer and hot park to be altogether too much. For the first time in the history of the cook-off, the organizers auctioned off an “11th Place” banner and one high roller walked off with it after paying a cool thousand bucks. A trio of Brady, Texas beauty queens dispensed the awards for best rig, best hospitality, Super Bowl winner as well as Grand Champion. We attend a lot of barbecue cook-offs in Texas and Brady’s is our favorite. The hospitality could not be finer and organizer Kathi Masonheimer makes sure the whole affair runs like a clock.

After the official competition everybody heads back to their campsite and starts frying fish, blasting Ernest Tubb, drinking moonshine and firing off antique cannons from Texas’ era of having to defend itself against outside aggressors.

There are folks with industrial frozen margarita machines, big screen TVs showing football, ad hoc mini golf courses, tiny cafes serving up free plates of chow, hula hoop dancers, unicycle riders and of course plenty of grown men strolling around in togas gnawing on giant turkey legs.

Just another day in Brady.

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Below are the list of winners from the cook-off. Hope to see y’all out in Brady next year.

10. Ken Wilson, Pegasus Pipeliners Barbecue

9. Cook Brothers, William Cook, Brady, Texas

8. AAW Jerry Gaskins, Universal City, Texas

7. Elm Creek Amigos 3, Ken Wilson Houston, Texas

6. Lohn Valley Social Club, Charles Avery, Lohn, Texas

5. Goat Willie Cooking Team, Paul Coghlan, Brownwood, Texas

4. Gnaw On This, Delores Menchaca, Llano, Texas

3. Barely Legal, Johnny Weaver, College Station, Texas

2. Draggin Ass, TJ Wagner and Richard Ledesma, Brady, Texas

1. Getcha Some Of This, Steve Smart, Brady, Texas

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