In an article titled “Austin’s Best Barbecue: Chowhound Lists,” writer David Pistrang has peered through the dusty, cobweb laden corners of the dormant Austin Chowhound food board and scavenged up a list of “Austin’s” best barbecue.

Of course this being a Chow/Chowhound production the list is riddled with inaccuracies.

While the prim maiden aunts who run Chowhound will never be known for their intellectual vigor, this article is especially pitiable. Out of twelve restaurants chosen for the best of Austin list, only 4 are actually in Austin. The rest are scattered all over the great state.

We can’t wait to read Pistrang’s guide to best pizza in Manhattan where he ranges across Connecticut to find the best pizza in NYC.

Austin’s the buckle in the Central Texas barbecue belt but it is not interchangeable with Llano, Lockhart or any of the other cities on the Chowhound list. Chow’s famous for utilizing an army of volunteer workers to keep their museum-piece site up and running.

You get what you pay for.

Here’s the Chowhound list of Austin’s best barbecue. Good for a few laughs at least. {and if you’re not too busy,the 3rd most popular article we ever penned is on the rise and fall from grace of Austin’s Chowhound board}

1} Black’s Barbecue. Actual city: Lockhart. Distance from Austin: thirty three miles

2} Cooper’s Old Time Pit Barbecue. Actual city: Llano. Distance from Austin: seventy five miles

3} Franklin Barbecue. Yes, it’s always good to include an Austin-based restaurant on a list of “Austin” restaurants

4} JMueller BBQ. Proving that even a blind squirrel can find a nut every once in awhile, Chowhound strikes paydirt.

5} Kreuz Market. Actual city: Lockhart. Distance from Austin? thirty three miles

6} Live Oak Barbecue. Showing good form here, Chowhound includes another Austin joint on their “Austin” list.

7} Louie Mueller. Actual city? Taylor, Texas. Distance from Austin? Thirty six miles

8} Luling City Market. Actual city: Luling. Distance from Austin? Forty eight miles

9} The Salt Lick. Actual city: Driftwood. Distance from Austin? Twenty four miles

10} Smitty’s Market. Actual city. Lockhart. Distance from Austin? Thirty three miles

11} Snow’s BBQ. Actual city. Lexington. Distance from Austin? Fifty two miles

12} Stiles Switch. Chowhound outdoes itself by finishing with an impressive 4th Austin restaurant on their Austin list.

When we wrote an obituary for Austin’s chowhound board {} the ol gal was thrashing about in her death throes with perhaps one poster per day wondering aloud how good the fish tacos are at Wahoo’s or musing about the quality of the soy latte at the nearest Starbucks.

Nowadays it’s even worse.

It’s time to pull the plug CBS.

The once noble experiment has reached its logical conclusion. The hubris of your volunteer moderators has turned the Chowhound website into little more than a curiosity piece with an occasional looky-loo stumbling upon the site via the Wayback Machine.

What once could be described as a sort of creeping irrelevance is now much worse. Internet real estate is valuable these days and your space could be better utilized by other concerns. Like

RIP Chowhound.

We hardly knew ye.

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