Danielle Bennett Dimovski aka Diva Q is down in Austin’s Bouldin Creek neighborhood hanging out at John Mueller Barbecue and losing her mind over the Taylor, Texas native’s smoked meat.

Choice quotes: “I had no idea #BBQ could taste like this.”

“I would want this to be my last meal.”

“Living out my #BBQ dream at @JMuellerBBQ”

Follow her on Twitter at https://twitter.com/DivaQBBQ

Dimovski has some pretty serious bona fides. She’s the world Champion of pork (2011-Jack Daniels World Championship) as well as being ranked highly in the presumably competitive world of Canadian barbecue. Kansas City Barbecue Society? Yep, she’s a top member.

We’re unfamiliar with the concept of Canadian barbecue but apparently she’s one of its leading lights.

Follow John Mueller on Twitter to find out what his reaction is to these accolades.


One can only hope the surly pit boss will refrain from issuing any of his famously pointed barb toward Diva Q during her Austin visit.


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