We’ve read reports from a few Austin power bloggers who are freaking out over Ramen Tatsu ya and their superb noodle renderings up in north Austin. They’re still in soft opening so we’ll give them a little more room to develop their game before we swing by.

In the meantime please be aware that they are hiring. But they’re not just looking for food service workers. They want: “super-machines that can wash dishes, prep, bus tables, wait, and be personable; an all-in-one preferably” Scary.

They then issue a warning to prospective kitchen workers:” please be ready for hard, soul-crushing, and mega heavy prep and service.”

You had us at soul crushing.

Forewarned is fair warned.

Been to Ramen Tatsu ya yet? How was it?

the ad http://austin.craigslist.org/fbh/3237698703.html

and we love the Bill Eadie/super machine reference. Poignantly obscure.

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