We’re consistently baffled at the pitiable coverage national websites offer when it comes time to vector in on Austin’s food scene.

For example: We received a twitter alert this morning that Serious Eats, the laughable national website had penned a “College Tours: Where to Eat Near the University of Texas at Austin” claiming that “Several subpar taco joints are the only thing distinguishing the food around UT-Austin.” That will come as a surprise to Rosie and the hardworking cocineras at Taco Joint, a stone’s throw from UT School of Engineering. Taquera Rosie is a maestra when it comes to putting out superb meat-y tacos on a pillowy flour tortillas.

We’ve been documenting this insurgent taco genius since the day she opened http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2012/1/28/Austin-Daily-Photo-Taco-Joint-New-Taqueria-On-University-Texas-Campus-From-Owner-Of-Sao-Paulo and she’s made good on her status via repeated visits over the past few months.

Upper echelon Mexican food is coming from this kitchen.

Of course the author of the piece Meredith Bethune goes on to laud Torchy’s Tacos as “one of the best” which will come as news to Austin’s dedicated taco hounds. Their fillings are fine but to compare their store bought tortillas with the scratch versions coming off hundreds of comals scattered about Austin displays a frightening lack of knowledge of Austin’s taco based economy.

Want to find out where the real deal Mexican food in Austin’s being served? Visit http://chowpapi.com/ look over to the right in the categories section where you’ll find a vast reservoir of underground taco tours.

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