It has been nearly a year since we last visited this topic. The Texas food scene is on fire as national media have finally discovered that there is no better state in our glorious union for eating high on the hog. Austin and San Antonio alone have a typical state’s worth of great restaurants.

We were late to the Twitter party but once we got our foot in the door, no matter how hard the host slammed and shoulder butted us, we weren’t going anywhere. This is the third installment of this series. Looking back over parts one and two {} it’s amazing how many accounts that we formerly championed that we’ve unfollowed. Most common culprit being the use of Twitter to broadcast Foursquare updates. It’s always tempting to show up where ever people are trumpeting their presence and commence to ass kicking but instead we normally just hit the unfollow button. Models of forbearance.

It’s great that you’re at Rudy’s Country Store eating corporate brisket with 15 others, now please shut the fuck up and quit boring us.

But there are always shiny new toys to play with too. Like these accounts that we love and cherish for their high entertainment value: a secret society of Austin baristas who’ve allowed the outside world to peer inside their Mason-like proceedings we love Jewish food and if you do too then this is a good account for you to follow eloquence is something typically missing from our local beer scene conversation-but not here we dream of doing a Vulcan mindlink with this account to accrue a Library of Alexandria of wine knowledge a minute by minute accounting of breaking Austin Texas food news back in town after a year+long trip, sporadic tweets but good stuff One of Austin’s top coffee experts buckle up, heavy volume 30k+ tweets but lots of good Austin food info travels a lot but Austin is her focus. Local food advocate a dear friend of ours can’t abide gluten, this is how we stay up to date on the gf world helps us keep up with the world of Texas barbecue they cook,they write,they take pictures and they tweet-we love it

Are you on Twitter?

Leave a hot link in comments below so we can check you out. Unless you use the word sammie for sandwich then don’t bother.

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