The slow, sad decline of La Mexicana has been narrated across many channels. The once proud Mexican bakery stands before us a haphazard mess. Tiny, chewy carnitas tacos being, perhaps the least of the sins.

The once mighty breakfast platters are now a wreck of poorly prepared eggs and half cooked potatoes with upcharges tacked on willy-nilly for even the most modest of requests. I half expect the service staff to notate my use of napkins and adjust my bill accordingly.

When I lived in Bouldin Creek La Mexicana was at the peak of her powers with achingly fresh baked goods and plump tacos served on pillowy tortillas but each time I visit now I vow to never return.

One saving grace. The giant stone bowl of housemade salsa that eaters are granted access to for their tacos. Not the standard tomato based Tex Mex one. The other one: a brilliant blood red version with thousands of tiny seeds laced throughout. It’s one of the finest in Austin.

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