There has been a breakthrough.

We’re coming up on our 3 year anniversary at Scrumptious Chef and are pleased to note that in the past month our readership has finally exploded. There were sad days and lonely nights in the past, when we considered abandoning the project, but we vowed to keep on writing, blogging and riding around town developing stories til we found our audience. Thanks for the support y’all.

Now on to the weekly Top 5 Scrumptious Chef articles. We spend a lot of time reading other Austin, Texas food blogs. While it’s true that many are lacking in compelling content, there are several worthy of repeated visits. We constructed a top 10 list and y’all went wild

Sneak peek of Tony Bourdain’s visit to Franklin Barbecue {with video}

John Mueller, the street fighting man of Central Texas barbecue, is at the nexus of national food media right now. We get caught up

Austin Texas finally has its own Meat Club. Started by Bastrop Cattle Company with In.gredients as a pick up site

With Austin Texas coffee scene finally gaining national recognition we decided to give the Devil its due

We’re doing another Scrumptious Chef Pop Up Restaurant. Watch for #texmexpopup at

last week’s top 5 Austin Texas food stories

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