We’re in the latter stages of a big barbacoa project so we’ve been revisiting taquerias scattered around Austin to make sure all of our data are up to date and still valid. While El Tacorrido is not upper echelon in the barbacoa realm they do put out a credible version.

We’ve seen a number of businesses come and go out of the tiny building at the corner of Oltorf and South First Street but something tells us Jose De Loera {Takoba} will be there as long as he wants.

The guy knows how to make money.

We like to grab our tacos to go at El Tacorrido and spirit them into nearby Once Over Coffee Bar where we can enjoy them over steaming mugs of Cuvee coffee chased by ice cold Topo Chico. Later that night you might just find over in East Austin eating ceviche and drinking mezcal at de Loera’s Takoba.

The guy’s got a mini empire and he’s going about it the right way by shipping good chow out of his kitchens at a price that doesn’t make eating at his joints a special occasion.

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