I was already good and mad when I saw the sign for a link of boudin for .99 or I would’ve bought one on principle alone. But after paying north of a dollar for a couple Tootsie Pops at Ana’s Mart, I was about to do my bull in a china shop routine. Hot.

JR Cajun Sausage & Boudin started over in Cottonport, Louisiana before moving the operation to Houston, Texas. The company produces an exceedingly rare and exotic chicken boudin which I can honestly say I’ve never even heard of.

They’re not in the boudin link database which does not bode well but at .99 a link you can throw caution to the wind every once in awhile. We’re so far from the heavenly prairies of western Louisiana that we’ve got to take what we can get when it comes to Acadiana’s most famous export. Even if it means eating chicken boudin from a microwave in an overpriced quick mart off an alley in downtown Austin.

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