In the 90’s we felt like we were walking on the wild side hanging out at Red’s Scoot Inn. Back then barkeep/owner Vera held court at the end of the bar underneath a sign that read “if mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy” We’d call her Red and she’d smile at our nonsense and crack us open a couple Miller Lite long necks.

We always did our drinking during the daytime when the bar would be busy with Mexican cats in cowboy hats shooting pool while Little Joe Y La Familia played on the hi fi.

Everybody put up with us. Sometimes, a tamale man would come around with a packed styrofoam cooler and we’d get a dozen to eat at the house later. Glad bags of dragon’s blood colored salsa tied up a la cocaine came with.

The sands of time.

Around 2006, the Longbranch Inn guys bought the joint and did what every bar/coffee shop/service station/taco joint/shoe store/bodega/laundrymat in Austin does: Started booking as much live music as possible.

The beauty of Red’s faded. If Brownout or the Cynics or the Butthole Surfers took the stage we’d queue up but our treasured afternoon sessions faded away.

Now Paul Eighmey aka Casino Of Casino El Camino is set to take the space over. It will be interesting to see what he does with the old bar. He’s not known to be a music booker so that’s a plus. There’s no kitchen at the Scoot so we won’t be bothered with the dulled glory of the once mighty Casino burger. The guy definitely knows how to run a club as is witnessed by his nearly 2 decade run on 6th street.

With people migrating into Austin from all points of the US there’s always room for a new/old bar in town. The Scoot Inn has seen plenty owners in its 100 plus year history and Casino could very well become a legendary one.

Once he gets settled in we’ll go by and get the lay of the land and report back.

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