After hanging out at Vintage Heart Coffee for a half hour or so earlier this week it dawned on us that we were sitting in the former home of El Rey, a mediocre Mexican restaurant that shuttered at least ten years ago. Memories fade. Sips on 7th was also a tenant but with the 900 pound gorilla that is Rio Rita nearby Sips could never gain traction and entered into the lore of failed Austin coffee shops.

Enter Vintage Heart. The little joint is jumping on a weekday morning. The clean, brightly lighted room is host to a gang of people hunkered over their laptops, reading books or vacantly staring into space. It’s a nice little scene. Coffee comes via Third Coast, the south Austin roaster and it’s respectable. It’s always nice to branch out from our standard Cuvee and try another local source.

Special note must be made of the speed bump in the alley that connects 7th street to the parking lot. It’s impressive. Perhaps Guinness record quality. Maybe there was a cruising problem and some pesky teenagers had to be reigned in. I’ve never seen one that big before. If you’re on foot make sure to bring some good sturdy rope and crampons so you stand a fighting chance of scaling this beast.

Barista and possible owner {gal in the picture} is friendly and on top of her game whipping around and manning her fancy La Marzocca espresso machine. The cafe is busy but she’s hustling it out and the line never grows too long.

We liked Vintage Heart. The outdoor seating is bare bones so it’s doubtful we’ll make it a regular stop but it’s definitely going on the intermittent rotation.

They have a website , check em out y’all ]

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