How big’s your meat budget?

Got an extra thousand bucks for 6 months worth of Central Texas meat? Not just any meat either. This is the good stuff. All meat is raised in local pastures by family farmers and ranchers. All meat is hormone-free and antibiotic-free. All meat is humanely processed.

This sounds like the real deal. I grew up eating meat that our family raised on our farm. The steers ate silage, timothy, fescue, red clover and alfalfa. They drank from our ponds that were filled via rain water or cold springs. We treated them like family til it was time to take them to the slaughterhouse so they could be enjoyed on our family table. To this day, that was the best meat I ever put in my mouth.

Bastrop Cattle Company, Windy Hill Farm, Dewberry Hill Farm and Richardson Farms are participating vendors in this program.

When you want the very best meat, these guys are the heavy hitters in our region.

Details on Meat Club:

The inaugural Meat Club begins in September 2012 and runs through February 2013. The cost of each membership is $1000 for six monthly orders of all your local meat needs.

Initial payment: $400 due on Friday 31 August 2012 to reserve your membership and ensure BCC is able to process the appropriate amount of meat.

Monthly selection: Each member will receive a monthly “Meat List” by the 5th of each month, highlighting which products the BCC Meat Club will be offering members that month.

Submitting your order: Each member will have until the 10th of each month to submit their monthly order.

Monthly meat pickup: BCC Meat Club will send you an email notification when your order’s ready for pickup. This will occur during the third or fourth week of each month, and specify when you can pick your order up.

Order payment: Payment is due when you receive your monthly order at BCC’s pickup location.

Pickup location: in.gredients, 2610 Manor Road, Austin TX 78722

want to sign up? hit this link

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