Austin, Texas is chock-a-block with agua fresca shops with quality ranging from abysmal to sublime. This post concerns itself with the sublime.

La Fruta Feliz began its life as a juice shop but quickly transformed into the best brick and mortar Mexican restaurant in East Austin. Thankfully, they did not forget their roots. You haven’t lived til you’ve had a sandia agua fresca from this tiny taqueria. A couple years ago, during a typically brutal Austin summer, we began navigating through our town’s back roads to determine who was putting out the best fresh juice drinks in Travis County. We found some really good ones {eg:tiny anonymous shop next to La Michoacana on Stassney Lane} but as the tour progressed, we found ourselves consistently returning to La Fruta Feliz, over and over again.

The watermelon agua fresca here is fine neat, but it take on a whole different timbre when you juice it up with a couple slugs of dark rum and a squeeze of lime juice. This ad hoc cocktail pairs particularly well with a plate of their heavenly chivo barbacoa.

(512) 473-0037

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