It’s been a long time since we last visited this subject. Worthwhile, Austin, Texas food blogs are tough to come by.

Yes, there are hundreds, if not thousands in town, but most are run by indifferent bloggers {updated bi-monthly} or worse, writers who are the blogging equivalent of a mammoth dose of Ambien.

But there are plenty shining stars out there too. Here’s our list of blogs we repeatedly visit to stay abreast of the Austin Texas food scene. 1] Is blogging quite eloquently about beer, a subject near and dear to the bosom of Scrumptious Chef.

2] If you like reading about and looking at photos of Central Texas barbecue, this site provides some fine coverage.

3] Inspires intense jealousy over the caliber of food photography. Good recipes and the couple who author the site could not be nicer. They’ve won national awards for their work.

4] Not updated nearly frequently enough. However, a very good site with an archive that could easily chew up an afternoon. Are you a taco hunter? Then this site is for you.

5] Brilliant photography. Austin-based but focused primarily on global travel.

6] Huge back files, frequent updates and a love for all things sweet. When we need a recipe for an offbeat cookie or sweet treat this is where we turn.

7] The definitive site for Austin food trucks. Frequent updates and a “just the facts” style of reportage.

8] Restaurant reviews, music, openings and closings, lots of updates, plenty reasons to be reading this blog.

9] Tony Yamanaka is an authority on the food truck scene in Austin. This is his blog.

10] We’re leaving this spot open. Suggest a good Austin food blog in comments below to fill it.

We were forced to leave out some fantastic blogs so we could entice our readers into filling the tenth spot. For instance This gal cooks with buckwheat groat! And we adore Jewish cuisine, it is the essence of soul food.

part 1 of Ten Austin Texas Food Blogs some still active, some not but a nice little time capsule piece.

Are you a food blogger working in Austin Texas?

Then consider joining it’s an alliance of food-oriented people in town.

We tried to sign up but were dragged out back behind their penthouse office in the Austonian where a dozen of their wiriest bloggers put the boots to us.

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