It appears as though the Purple Bean Cafe has taken over operations at the historic Victory Grill in East Austin. We dashed in last week to visit Austin’s final remaining link to the old chitlin circuit, have a cup of coffee and take their wi fi for a spin.

Everybody was real nice and acted like they were glad to see us. Coffee had a good jolt to it and we always relish any excuse to sit in ancient buildings where you can feel the history easing out of the timbers and joists. We’ve covered Victory Grill in the past here where we detailed their rich history and here where we captured one of their stunning murals.

The East 11th street corridor is on fire right now with Longbranch Inn, Hillside Farmacy, Three Little Pigs, East End Wines and Blue Dahlia Bistro all pulling in big crowds of folks dying to get out of square old West Austin, walk on the wild side a bit and see what all the fuss is about in formerly dangerous East Austin.

We’re eagerly anticipating what sort of developments are going to flow into northern neighbor East 12th street as rumors are flying that some big money interests are preparing to transform that street as well.

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