Has it really been twenty years since El Mariachi came out? The film represented a seismic shift in how Austin movie makers were perceived nationwide. Director Robert Rodriguez was a 23 year old punk kid on a shoestring budget who would go onto to use El Mariachi as a launching pad for a full tilt career as a major mover-shaker in Hollywood.

And it’s a pretty good movie too. To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the release of the film, Austin Film Society and the Paramount Theater are throwing a party. A hundred bucks allows you to rub elbows with Rodriguez, eat some Guero’s Taco Bar chow, drink some Ziegenbock, Ketel One and Don Julio signature cocktails and assures you of having the best seats in the orchestra for the screening.

To sweeten the deal, ISMAEL JONES AND THE EYES OF THE DEVIL, which Rodriguez made at age 16 will also screen. After the screening Rodriguez and his band Chingon will perform live on the Paramount’s stage.

date: Thursday August 30th

place: Paramount Theater

time:6:30 pm if you go VIP

tickets http://www.austinfilm.org/


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